Bites of April

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Bites of April

It’s hard to believe that today marks the last day of April…It was a good month!

Here are a few snapshots from April.

photo 5-2

April meant gorgeous flowers! My sister-in-law brought these for us when she visited and they were so beautiful.

photo 1-2

For a tailgate at the beginning of April, I made Averie Cooks Carrot Cake Cupcakes and they were ridiculously good. I’m a huge fan of carrot cake and I’m thinking these may be the best cupcakes I’ve had in a while. Also, can I mention that they’re made in one bowl. Ummmm, Yum!

photo 2-2

We enjoyed some awesome sushi per usual. You know when you’re picking up carry out sushi and they give you a million chopsticks for your two person order? Well, we avoid that altogether and go to our local sushi place. There’s no mistaking that this sushi platter is meant for two!

photo 3-2

If you read my Spring has Sprung post, you know I planted my vegetable garden. I cannot wait for it to grow! These awesome lettuces at the nursery inspired me to plant more lettuce than usual.

photo 4-2

When I went to pick out my vegetable plants, the nursery had chicks! I was super tempted, but not really up for the challenge. I hear they’re easy if you can get in a good routine with them, but we have foxes near our house and I’m just not sure we are ready for this commitment. We are still working our way up to getting a dog. One of these days…

photo 6-2

We enjoyed some Friday night champagne a few weeks ago and it was good! Nothing beats champagne.

photo 7-2

This weather has been great for getting in some longer runs. You have to fuel up after, right? The plain one belonged to Ben but the ham and cheese was all mine and don’t you think I wasn’t running toward it the whole time.

photo 9-2

April was the first month we were really able to get out on the boat. Can’t wait for more to come this summer.


Last but not least, we finally broke out the bikes and took them for a spin around the neighborhood. And, yes, we have cup holders. How else would we be able to ride to the pool with drinks?!

Check back in May for Cinco de Mayo recipes, Mother’s Day recipes, and some seasonal Farmer’s Market vegetable dishes. Enjoy!




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