Summer Vacation on Long Island

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I’ve been looking forward to sharing some details of our trip for a few weeks now, but what can I say? Life got in the way and going through hundreds of photos took a little longer than expected. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it’s just hard to admit that vacation is over! Ya know?

I have so much to share…But seriously, I think most of you know by now (or if you’re new here, you’ll learn soon enough) that a vacation recap basically equals a recap of what and where we ate, how much we ate, etc. as evidenced by the crazy amount of photos below. So, pull up a chair (and a snack if you’re hungry…don’t say I didn’t warn you) and come along for a fun look back on vacation at the East End of Long Island.

One last thought before we begin, the East End out near Montauk is aweeeee-some and if you’ve never been, you have to check it out pronto. We love it (the fact that it was our third annual visit is proof)! This trip was definitely a highlight for 2014.


We always visit the Montauket for sunset. I think you can see why…the sunsets are amazing.


Pulling over to capture this cute fence decor was a must. So nautical…Love it!

IMG_1868 IMG_1869

Hands Down…Dave’s Grill was our best meal. They don’t accept reservations until the day of, but it’s worth the hassle. Their smoked tuna spread is so good that I could {hypothetically speaking} lick the dish clean. Their lobster roll is Ben’s favorite. You cannot tell from this photo, but that lobster roll is almost a footlong! We actually tried to go back to Dave’s on our last night only to find out they close mid-week. Oh well.


After Labor Day, we basically had the beach to ourselves. I tried to talk myself into going into the water, but despite how perfect it looks, the water was SO COLD! As someone who went to school in Charleston, South Carolina where the ocean gets warm like bath water…I just couldn’t persuade myself. (Plus, we had just watched shark week…)


More Lobster Rolls…shocking, right? When you’re in Rome Long Island…This place invented the lobster roll back in the 60’s, so we had to try it. And try it we did…both ways.

IMG_1645 IMG_1644

“The Classic” is served in a chilled, mayo based salad. “The Hot” is served with drawn butter. Both were outstanding, fresh, and perfect for sharing so that we got to experience them both ways.


We stumbled upon Greenport Harbor Brewing last year on vacation. It’s built in an old firehouse…how cool! You know we love beer and visiting breweries, so this was a natural pitstop again this year.

We chose to visit the North Fork on an overcast day, which was perfect. If you’ve ever been to the East End of Long Island, you know that the two forks are pretty different. Most of the Long Island Wine Trail is on the North Fork. I’d never heard of New York Wines before our first trip (turns out that Maryland doesn’t import them), but New York has some great wines and a trip to the North Fork is definitely worth the (two!) short ferry rides.


We’re such fans that we made a stop at the new Greenport Harbor Brewing location too! These guys make some great beer. It’s available on tap in the Long Island area and they’re going to be bottling soon (or else I would have brought some home).


We visited Sparkling Pointe and Lieb Vineyards. We loved the experience and atmosphere at both.


After visiting Lieb Vineyards, we pulled over along the Long Island Sound just to check it out. Not much to report, but we grabbed a photo anyway!


Both the North Fork (I accidentally abbreviated that to Nork…oh dear) and South Fork have so much agriculture and many, many farms. This farmer was growing hops for Greenport Harbor Brewing which was less than mile away…Now that’s local.


This is the last lobster roll Ben enjoyed…it was fried! Outrageous! He couldn’t even eat it all, so I helped. I know, I know…I’m such a trooper.


Where we stayed…Mill House Inn is one of the cutest and nicest places I’ve ever stayed. We stumbled onto it a few years ago and have recommended it to a few people since then. This was our third stay and it didn’t disappoint. Hint: The rates dropped significantly right after Labor Day. Could it be any cuter?

They serve a crazy crazy breakfast each day. In fact, their breakfasts are probably the best I’ve ever had. The menu makes it impossible to choose and let’s just say I’d been thinking about breakfast for weeks before we even arrived. And, yes, I already knew what I would be ordering that first day. I’m such a planner. (Vermont Cabot Creamery, in case you were wondering)


Everything is made just for you. SO good!IMG_1878

We started with this fruit tray every morning. That Champagne Mint Syrup (I talked about it previously here)…todiefor.

IMG_1609 IMG_1610

OHMYGOSH…I’m drooling all over again just looking at these pics. Takemeback! Vegetable Hash with Eggs and the Sloppy Joe Scramble, which tasted just like…a sloppy joe! So rich and so filling. I’m still waiting for someone to make this at home…oh wait, that would be me. Darn it!

IMG_1588 IMG_1570

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Sausage Wild Mushroom Hash with Goat Cheese….nom nom nom. Seriously though, this isn’t even half of what we ate for breakfast. I wish I could tell you we skipped lunch (butwedidn’t)… (cringe)


And just look at all of those treats…cookies, cheese straws, nuts, and so much more! I told you most of this recap would be about the food and if you’re still reading, thanks for your patience. I warned about the quantity of photos and recommended that snack!


Sorry about the glare…This is the Montauk Lighthouse. Isn’t it purdy?


Sunset photos never get old. Right?


One more shot of us in front of the vineyard…This is the vacation where we got really good at selfies. (just kidding)


And one more sunset, because sunsets at home are never this pretty. Thanks for tolerating a million photos and reading all about our trip! It was full of great food (obviously), the beach, some sightseeing…all around perfect for some relaxation.

Check back Monday for a new recipe!

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