Garlic Bistro Fries

 Garlic Bistro Fries are the perfect side dish for any meal. You won’t believe that these are baked, not fried!

Garlic Bistro Fries | Bites of Bri

Happy Friiiiiii-day! What could possibly be better for Friday then Garlic Bistro Fries? Answer me that.

I have to vent about something…Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves burgers without fries?  Burgers and fries were born to go together. Always. If you’re having a burger, fries are a must! Go big or go home is my favorite saying for when I’m going to splurge. So don’t even think about making these fries without their favorite sidekick, though you can definitely make them to go with more than just burgers. We enjoyed these Garlic Bistro Fries with these Classic Cheeseburger Sliders and it was a match made in burger heaven.

Making restaurant quality fries at home is not hard; the secret is time. You need 1-8 hours in order to soak the raw potatoes in cold water. This time removes starch from the potatoes which allows them to get super crispy in a hot oven. Once you try this cooking method, you’ll never go back to the frozen french fries from the grocery store. They can’t touch these awesome, crunchy, taste like they’re fried but not fried Garlic Bistro Fries!


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