Garden Update

Let me start off by saying I wish I had more to report. It’s been slow going in the Bites of Bri Vegetable Garden this season. Unfortunately, the garden has been planted for over two months and we are just starting to see some growth. I haven’t caught the culprit yet, but we’ve had some rabbits in the garden that seem to enjoy the endless dinner buffet. As you can imagine, this has seriously stunted the garden’s growth. Not to fear! For the past few weeks, I’ve been sprinkling the veggies with cayenne and this trick seems to be working.

For those of you that know of my deer struggles of years past, I’ve had some great luck this year with two new products. The first product is a deer tape (<–affiliate link) that protects the perimeter of the yard. Our hydrangea are huge and prior to this year, I didn’t even know it because they were constantly getting mowed down by deer. We’ve seen deer around the perimeter of the yard, but we’ve only seen them enter it once! This is huge news considering that they’re usually hanging out in our garden chewing away. The other product is a deer spray (<–affiliate link) that you can spray on plants and to refresh the repellant on the deer tape. Unlike most other sprays I’ve tried in the past, this spray is not offensive to use. It smells slightly herby and is pleasant instead of pungent. It lasts about 30 days before you need to reapply.

And now, on to the garden vegetables! The lettuces are looking great and I see caesar salad in our future.


The tomato plants are really growing and they even have a few small flowers and green tomatoes. I’m thinking they should explode soon with all of this rain we’ve had.


The lacinato kale is doing well too, even though it was really popular with the bunnies and they basically decimated it a few weeks back.


The herbs are doing really well too, minus the parsley that seems to be having a hard time recovering from the attack of the ravenous rabbits.

IMG_8902-2   IMG_8905-2

This is the tactic for rabbit defense…seems to be working so far.



Next time I check in, I hope to have some vegetables to harvest…:)